Call for Paper

Why You Should Participate
  • To learn share, connect and develop new collaborations across the Asia-Pacific region including research and teaching universities; libraries; science and cultural institutions; technology businesses; policy and government staff
  • To share discoveries and insights to see demonstrations of modern research and education technologies to participate in workshops and develop your skills.

This Call Submissions are sought on topics related to the use of networks in research and education in any discipline or domain. Suggested areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

EDUCATION Online-learning/teaching, smart classrooms, distance education
SCIENCE/RESEARCH E.g. agriculture, telemedicine/health, disaster management, food security, biosciences, physics, humanities and social sciences, arts and culture; Big data, AI/ML; Research Data management and sharing, open access;
TECHNOLOGY Advanced Network design and technologies, SDN, IoT/IoE; HPC, Cloud, Visualisation; VR/AR; Smart campuses, Smart Cities; Infrastructure scalability, performance, and robustness
SKILLS AND AWARENESS For Research, and Education; Network Engineers, Research Software Engineers, Research Librarians, etc.
GOVERNANCE, POLICY AND SECURITY Cyberspace Governance and policy; R&E infrastructure sustainability. Cybersecurity, information security, securing NRENs and institutions
Delivery Choices
The conference will offer a range of delivery choices, including:
  • full virtual sessions with you as chair/organiser
  • individual presentations
  • workshops, carpentries (training)
  • lightning talks, virtual posters, showcases and demonstrations
  • hackathons, Birds-of-a-Feather(BoF)/Special-Interest-Group(SIG) and panel sessions
  • Any other idea you may have – we are very flexible!
Important Dates The call for all submissions is open NOW
  • Workshop/session proposals are due by 8 JUNE 2022 – to be announced by 20 JUNE 2022. Details of sessions (speakers, etc.) can be provided later.
  • All other presentation/talks and similar proposals are due by 28 JUNE 2022 – to be announced by 12 JULY 2022. Please Note: proposals that are suitable for the Medical working group must be submitted earlier, by 27 MAY 2022.

The call for submissions is closed