Naveed Arshad

Naveed Arshad

Associate Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan


Naveed Arshad is presently Associate Professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

Towards a Cost-Effective and Sustainable Spatiotemporal Air Quality Monitoring System

Abstract :
The countries in South Asia face a grand challenge of air quality deterioration. Several steps are needed to improve air quality. However, the absence of reliable air quality data creates a challenge in developing an optimal plan for improving air quality. Most countries in the region cannot afford expensive reference grade air quality monitoring systems. Even if they afford to install a few, long term maintenance and calibration of such systems remains a challenge. Our project uses low-cost sensors to measure air quality. Rather than stationary sensors only, we have developed portable sensors that can be fitted on vehicles. When vehicles move around, the sensors transmit air quality readings from several locations. This not only reduces the overall sensor count but provide other ways to develop a sustainable model for the long-term viability of such sensors. In this talk, we will discuss the challenges and some solutions for developing a viable spatiotemporal air quality monitoring system.